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Public Assistance

An alternative form of dispute resolution for minor and non-graft cases

The Ombudsman (OMB) saw the need to institutionalize a mediation system for non-graft cases in line with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (RA 9285) to speed up the disposition of cases under its jurisdiction and to give priority to complaints filed against high ranking government officials and those involving grave offenses. The mediation system was also envisioned to enable the OMB to render meaningful, responsive, and relevant public assistance.



A total of 1,075 complaints and grievances were referred for mediation and 909 were terminated. Out of this number, 411 were successfully mediated, registering a 45% success rate.


In preparation for the institutionalization of the mediation system, the OMB conducted a series of trainings for Ombudsman mediators with funding support from the Millennium Challenge Account – Philippines Threshold Program Technical Assistance Project.

A total of 105 mediators were trained on the art of mediation. The mediators were able to successfully mediate 267 cases from June to December 2007.

Admin Order 20 series of 2008