Filing of Complaint
Who May Avail of the Service?
1. Any person
What are the Requirements?
1. Verified complaint-affidavit {no. of copies – number of named respondents plus 4 additional copies [at least two (2) originally signed complaint-affidavits]}
2. If applicable, the supporting documents and evidence (no. of copies  Рnumber of named respondents plus 4 additional copies)
3. Verified Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping (CNFS) (may also be secured from Ombudsman Public Assistance Units) – At least two (2) original copies
 Note: Any other form of written complaint may also be submitted РAt least one (1) copy
Twenty (20) minutes
Complaint checklist form (OMB Form No. 6)
Feedback form (OMB Form No. 8)
Sample Sworn Complaint
Online Filing of Complaint