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Integrity Caravan

      The Caravan aims to communicate and engage the public and private sector on the various programs and projects of the Office of the Ombudsman to further build a broad-based strategic partnership of all anti-corruption stakeholders. It will specifically involve key government agencies, local government unit (LGUs), private institutions, academic institutions, the business sector, development partners, peoples’ organizations (POs), civil service organizations (CSOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the general public. The Caravan will last for one year after its launch on a nationwide scale. Supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other development partners, the Caravan will be composed of the following initial activities:
  1. Public Governance Fora. A public dialogue that will bring together multi-sectoral practitioners, champions and advocates of good governance and anti-corruption.
         Press Release
         The Event
         Issues, Challenges and Resolutions on Fighting Corruption : From a Stakeholder's Perspective
            The Private Sector by Mr. Guillermo M. Luz
            The Business Sector by Mr. Nelly M. Coralde
            The Media by Ms. Marites Danguilan Vitug
            The Fiduciary by Ms. Normita L. Villaruz
  2. The Ombudsman Integrity Lecture Series. A series of lectures on various good governance and anti-corruption topics to be delivered by distinguished personalities from the local and global community.

        The Important Role of Civil Society in the Battle Against Corruption - The Indonesia Experience

         Overcoming Corruption : The Essentials
            Profiles of the lecturer, reactors, moderator
            Lecture (paper and powerpoint presentation)

         Current Issues in the War Against Corruption
            Profiles of the lecturer, reactors, moderator

         The Vital Role of Government in Encouraging Private Sector Participation And Cooperation
              in Anti-Corruption and Complex Enforcement
            Profile of the lecturer
  3. University Integrity Tour. This integrity roadshow is specifically designed to build the foundations of good governance and anti-corruption in the country’s educational system. It will showcase the various programs and projects through mini-lectures, audiovisual presentations and photo exhibits in several universities nationwide.
  4. Barangay Integrity Fora. A knowledge sharing and public exchange among barangay officials on ethical standards, good governance and public accountability. The seminar will cover relevant and timely topics such as but not limited to the roles, functions and programs of the Ombudsman, and an orientation on the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).
  5. Integrity Development Contest. Another activity for students at various levels aimed at introducing them to the fundamentals of good governance and anti-corruption through creative means including essay-writing, poster-making and short video production.
         Contest Mechanics
            Entry Forms :
                   Essay Writing Contest
                   Poster Design Contest
                   Video Contest
                  Download List of Winners here...