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Integrity Development Review Report

Integrity Development Review (IDR) is a preventive measure against corruption. It entails a systematic assessment of agency's corruption resistance mechanisms and its vulnerabilities to corruption. It is the Ombudsman's response to its legal mandate on corruption prevention.

The following agencies were covered by the project:

1. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) - August 2006
2. Bureau of Customs (BOC) - August 2006
3. Department of Public Works & Highways - August 2006
4. Land Transportation Office - August 2006
5. Philippine National Police - August 2006
6. Armed Forces of the Philippines - Philippine Navy. October 2007
7. Bureau of Corrections. October 2007
8. Bureau of Fire Protection. October 2007
9. Department of Agrarian Reform. October 2007
10.Department of Environment and Natural Resources. October 2007
11.Department of Health. October 2007
12.National Irrigation Administration. October 2007
13.Land Registration Authority. October 2007
14.Light Rail Transit Authority. October 2007
15.Procurement Service . October 2007
16.Philippine Veterans Affairs Office. October 2007