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Good Governance Through Empowered People 2002- Salin-Aral Group

Tells stories of various CSO initiatives that strengthen good governance at the local level. View Documents in PDF: Sharing by the Volunteer Workers Association

Initiatives in Citizenship Building in Abra Province

Outlining the strengthening of citizenship in the province of ABRA through active participation in infrastructure projects. View full Document in PDF: CCAGG Case Studies

Civil Society Index: A Philippine Assessment Report

The Civil Society Index (CSI) is an action-research project that aims to assess the state of civil society in countries around the world. It

Report on the Rapid Assessment of ICT Utilization for Participation in the Philippines

The advent of Information Communication Technology (ICT) provided a new platform and medium in the sharing and exchanging of ideas and knowledge in recent

Representation in Decentralized Governance

The case study provided an assessment of the present mechanisms and practices

Philippine Civil Society and the Globalization Discourse

by the Third World Studies Center-University of the Philippines Study which documents views and responses of CSOs to help understand globalization, contributing to the