Programme Archives: Assessment / Baselines

A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Tracking Governance Reforms

The latest strand in the literature points to institutions and the rule of law as the primary drivers of economic growth

Baseline Survey on Governance Reforms

To foster democratic governance, the Government of the Philippines-United Nations Development Programme (GOP-UNDP) Cooperation Programme

A Common View, A Common Journey: A United Nations’ Common Country Assessment

Presents an analysis of the development situation of the Philippines and analyzes of the major challenges that the Government of the Philippines

Philippine Inventory of Governance Related Laws and Interpolation of legal Regime in the Philippines

Provides a compilation of related governance laws on Civil Service and Professions, Election and Campaign Finance...

Developing Good Governance Indicators for Anti-Poverty Program Assessment

The study aims to help improve the assessment of anti-poverty programs and projects by analyzing the relationship between these programs and the quality of