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Diliman Governance Forum working paper series no. 9

Includes a policy brief on A2J; common problems and issues; causes of delays in the provision of remedies; alternative justice and dispute resolutions; laws

The Clan Politics of ARMM 2012- PCIJ

  View full Document in PDF: PCIJ 2012- Clan Politics of ARMM

Book on Psychographics Study

RESTUDYING THE FILIPINO VOTER TODAY Institute for Political and Electoral Reform View Full Document in PDF: Book on Psychographics Study

Your Vote. Our Future. a Module for Citizen-Voter Education

by the Institute of Political and Electoral Reforms It contains basic concepts in creating messages; various forms of communication used to launch a education

A Voter’s Choice: Myself: A Psychological Study on Voting Behavior of the Filipino Electorate

The study tackles the areas of concern in election, which are the attitudes of voters in choosing a candidate, the voter’s knowledge of election