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Women in the Eyes of Justice: Gender Bias in the Justice Process Framework

Study which aims to develop a framework on gender bias in the justice process, identifying the effects and reviewing efforts to curb gender bias

Gender in Governance

The first article provides a feminist critique of national security frameworks based on the realist school of thought.  The article calls for states to

Promoting Gender Equality in the Philippines

Gender equality is a basic human right and a necessary condition for the elimination of poverty and attainment of national social and economic development.

Situational Analysis of Women in ARMM

This paper presents a preliminary assessment of the situation of women

Breaking New Grounds for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Experiences and Insights in Implementing the GAD Budget Policy

by the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women This documents the struggles, difficulties and breakthroughs of GAD advocates

Gender Sensitivity In The Court System

Reviews the meanings and dimensions of gender bias in the court system, forms and manifestations of gender bias; and measures taken to eradicate them