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Citizen-Voters’ Education Basic Module

The human right to vote is embodied in three instruments: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

2nd National Electoral Reform Summit

This is a follow-up of the first summit. It takes off on the results of the updated voting behavior study conducted in 2003.  This

Book on Psychographics Study

RESTUDYING THE FILIPINO VOTER TODAY Institute for Political and Electoral Reform View Full Document in PDF: Book on Psychographics Study

Your Vote. Our Future. a Module for Citizen-Voter Education

by the Institute of Political and Electoral Reforms It contains basic concepts in creating messages; various forms of communication used to launch a education

The Role of Media in 2004 Elections: A Multi-Sectoral Conference

This is a follow through of the Voter’s Education Summit in 2003 participated by media practitioners.  This is to build a constituency among the

Assessment of Capacity-Building Needs in Critical Offices and Among Key Personnel of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Involved in the Management & Supervision of Electoral Processes

Report covers both the institutional and individual level of the capacity development

A Voter’s Choice: Myself: A Psychological Study on Voting Behavior of the Filipino Electorate

The study tackles the areas of concern in election, which are the attitudes of voters in choosing a candidate, the voter’s knowledge of election