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14 Dec 2017 CamSur ex-mayor pleads guilty to unethical conduct
14 Dec 2017 Ombudsman suspends Basilan vice-mayor for grave misconduct
14 Dec 2017 Ombudsman indicts ex-Sulu officials for SALN violation
13 Dec 2017 Ombudsman suspends Dapitan City treasurer
13 Dec 2017 Surigao del Norte mayor suspended for neglect of duty
13 Dec 2017 Barangay chairman convicted over 50T solicitation
12 Dec 2017 Ombudsman orders filing of charges against Panglao mayor
12 Dec 2017 Ombudsman indicts ex-Lanao del Sur mayor for non-filing of SALNs
08 Dec 2017 Ombudsman suspends Iligan City exec over SALN violation
07 Dec 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Governor Degamo of Negros Oriental
07 Dec 2017 Ombudsman suspends DOST official for misconduct
05 Dec 2017 Ombudsman hosts 13th SEA-PAC meeting on Anti-Corruption
04 Dec 2017 Ombudsman suspends Dalaguete mayor for negligence
24 Nov 2017 Ombudsman opens its new building in Davao City
23 Nov 2017 BASECO officials charged for missing P102M funds
23 Nov 2017 Ex-Deped officials in hot water for missing P6M funds
20 Nov 2017 Ombudsman fines DAR exec for failing to reply to letters
20 Nov 2017 Ex-Lucena City mayor convicted over P30M computerization project
20 Nov 2017 Ex-PNP official pleads guilty to perjury, misdeclaring SALN
17 Nov 2017 BOC officer, spouse penalized for SALN violations
17 Nov 2017 Sandiganbayan convicts court interpreter for bribery
16 Nov 2017 Former Tawi-Tawi vice-governor pleads guilty to SALN error
16 Nov 2017 Nueva Viscaya mayor faces 90-day suspension pendente lite
10 Nov 2017 Ex-PTV4 manager convicted for failure to render accounts
10 Nov 2017 Court convicts BOC officer for false SALNs
10 Nov 2017 Sandiganbayan penalizes govt. exec for failure to render account
08 Nov 2017 Ombudsman suspends district hospital nurse for SALN violations
08 Nov 2017 Cebu ex-mayor convicted of malversation
07 Nov 2017 Court convicts BOC officer for perjury
07 Nov 2017 RTC employee admits guilt in failing to account for court money
07 Nov 2017 Negros Oriental mayor faces 90-day suspension pendente lite
06 Nov 2017 Manila barangay officials face 6 to 9 years prison term for rigged bidding
06 Nov 2017 Panglao, Bohol local execs face 90-day suspension pendente lite
06 Nov 2017 Camarines Sur mayor faces 90-day suspension pendente lite
02 Nov 2017 Court convicts former dean of UP Diliman for SALN violations
02 Nov 2017 Ombudsman files graft charges vs. former Butuan city mayor
27 Oct 2017 OMB indicts immigration commissioners in extortion plot for plunder
19 Oct 2017 Samal mayor dismissed for receiving cash gift
18 Oct 2017 Negros Oriental Congressman charged over P10M PDAF scam
12 Oct 2017 Ex-Davao Oriental mayor penalized for refusing to implement Ombudsman order
10 Oct 2017 Former Capiz governor charged with graft over vehicle purchase
09 Oct 2017 Former Daanbantayan mayor penalized for Yolanda fund mess
09 Oct 2017 Ombudsman wins conviction of Palawan ex-Gov Reyes for graft
05 Oct 2017 QC congressman to be tried for P8M PDAF scam
03 Oct 2017 Statement of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales
02 Oct 2017 Cebu port cashier convicted of malversation
02 Oct 2017 Tawi-Tawi ex-governor pleads guilty to SALN error
02 Oct 2017 Ombudsman perpetually bars ex-Agri secretary Alcala from government service
29 Sep 2017 STATEMENT
28 Sep 2017 Ombudsman rolls out electronic SALN program
28 Sep 2017 Another ex-Caloocan lawmaker charged over P10M PDAF scam
27 Sep 2017 Former barangay exec convicted of graft
26 Sep 2017 Former Congressman Asistio charged over involvement in P8M PDAF scam
25 Sep 2017 Maguindanao mayor guilty of neglect of duty over unremitted Pag-ibig premiums and BIR taxes
25 Sep 2017 Ombudsman sanctions ex-Eastern Samar mayor for unauthorized travels and illegal use of govt. vehicle
20 Sep 2017 Ombudsman suspends Bohol mayor for misconduct
18 Sep 2017 Iloilo city mayor Mabilog to face trial for graft
18 Sep 2017 Sorsogon ex-governor Lee convicted over fertilizer fund scam
15 Sep 2017 Ombudsman suspends Visayas local execs
15 Sep 2017 Biliran ex-mayor convicted for declaring wrong wife
14 Sep 2017 Ombudsman affirms charges against Aquino for Mamasapano tragedy
13 Sep 2017 Ex-Zamboanga Sibugay mayor fined for re-assigning employee
11 Sep 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Bislig City mayor for grave misconduct
07 Sep 2017 Court convicts former Dean of UP Diliman
06 Sep 2017 Ombudsman goes after ex-Bulacan representative involved in PDAF scam
04 Sep 2017 Former Kabankalan city councilor pleads guilty to sexual harassment charge
30 Aug 2017 More graft charges vs. CDO mayor Moreno
29 Aug 2017 Ombudsman suspends Toledo City mayor Osmeña
25 Aug 2017 Ombudsman indicts Surigao del Sur mayor for graft
24 Aug 2017 Ombudsman and US embassy partner in data integrity
23 Aug 2017 Gov't executives convicted for non-remittance of GSIS
18 Aug 2017 Basilan Mayor faces penalty over incomplete P4M water project
17 Aug 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Zamboanga del Sur vice mayor for SALN irregularity
17 Aug 2017 Maguindanao mayor faces dismissal, criminal raps over SALN violations
15 Aug 2017 Ombudsman indicts Ex-Surigao del Norte Mayor
14 Aug 2017 Unliquidated cash advances bring trouble for ex-Cebu mayor
11 Aug 2017 Bohol mayor dismissed for granting fee exemptions
10 Aug 2017 Southern Leyte governor dismissed from the service
10 Aug 2017 Ombudsman charges ex-Leyte mayor with graft
09 Aug 2017 Antique mayor suspended for illegal demolition
09 Aug 2017 Ex-Samar mayor charged over SALN discrepancies
08 Aug 2017 Ombudsman files charges vs. investigator, kin over foiled P3M extortion
08 Aug 2017 Former Pasig Barangay Chairman convicted over fund misuse
07 Aug 2017 Ombudsman files charges vs. Lanao exec for P10M ghost project
07 Aug 2017 Ombudsman issues statement on former Congressman Dalog’s case
04 Aug 2017 Ombudsman charges ex-Cebu mayor Chiong for graft
04 Aug 2017 Ombudsman secures conviction of ex-BFP chief
03 Aug 2017 Binays face more graft raps for P1.3 billion Makati Science building
02 Aug 2017 Ombudsman dismisses govt. execs linked to P47.5M Clarete PDAF scam
02 Aug 2017 Ombudsman discusses anti-corruption efforts in multi-agency symposium
01 Aug 2017 Ex-Leyte congressman to face trial for P24M PDAF ghost project
27 Jul 2017 Cebu City councilor axed for dishonesty
26 Jul 2017 Zamboanga del Norte Mayor reprimanded for ignoring letter
26 Jul 2017 Biliran ex-mayor faces 6 to 8 years prison term for graft
26 Jul 2017 PCG officials face dismissal, graft raps over P68M unlawful procurement
25 Jul 2017 Ombudsman requests NBI to entrap investigator for extortion raps
25 Jul 2017 Ombudsman sanctions ex-Samar mayor over SALN discrepancies
21 Jul 2017 Northern Samar congressman Ong, DSWD officials involved in P62M PDAF scam
20 Jul 2017 Ex-Iloilo congressman charged over P4.8M PDAF scam
20 Jul 2017 Iloilo Mayor approves wife's business permit, to face charges
19 Jul 2017 Ombudsman sanctions Cotabato officials over P7M water project
18 Jul 2017 Ex-Western Samar Mayor in trouble for cemetery project
18 Jul 2017 Siquijor mayor suspended for misconduct
14 Jul 2017 Ex-PCGG Chair Sabio convicted of graft
14 Jul 2017 Former Cebu mayor to face charges for unliquidated cash advances
14 Jul 2017 Former President Aquino to face trial for Mamasapano tragedy
12 Jul 2017 Cagayan De Oro agriculture exec suspended for neglect
11 Jul 2017 SB convicts former Negros Occidental exec over jai-alai operations
10 Jul 2017 Ex-Barangay Chairman convicted over SALN problems
06 Jul 2017 Ombudsman orders forfeiture of P29M in ill-gotten wealth of ex-PNP chief Purisima
05 Jul 2017 3 former Deped officials face trial for flunking lifestyle check
04 Jul 2017 Ombudsman charges 2 BIR employees with bribery
03 Jul 2017 Leyte mayor suspended for illegal use of government vehicle
03 Jul 2017 Sulu executives face charges for SALN violations
28 Jun 2017 Ombudsman dismisses govt execs over PDAF scam
27 Jun 2017 Ombudsman charges ex-Bacolod congressman for SEA Games fund mess
23 Jun 2017 3 former GSIS employees convicted of graft for payroll padding
22 Jun 2017 Ex-Negros Oriental Mayor indicted for unliquidated cash advances
22 Jun 2017 Surigao del Norte mayor convicted for demoting employee
21 Jun 2017 Ex-Iloilo Mayor rapped for nepotism
21 Jun 2017 Former AFP general faces imprisonment for graft
19 Jun 2017 Ombudsman affirms dismissal of officials from Commission on Muslim Filipinos for involvement in P3.8M PDAF scam
19 Jun 2017 Cavite ex-mayor faces prison term for developing ecotourism area
16 Jun 2017 Ombudsman and Jollibee Foods Corporation Partner for a Corrupt-Free Philippines
15 Jun 2017 Ombudsman orders indictment of Iloilo officials for graft
15 Jun 2017 Former PNP official convicted for land deal anomaly
14 Jun 2017 Ombudsman affirms indictment of ex-Nueva Ecija congressman for P15M PDAF scam
09 Jun 2017 Barangay chairman convicted of graft
08 Jun 2017 Misamis Oriental executives face multiple graft raps for lease deals
06 Jun 2017 Bohol ex-mayor faces penalty over tupadas
01 Jun 2017 Ombudsman orders filing of graft charges vs. Cotabato officials
30 May 2017 Sandiganbayan convicts ex-mayor for donation
30 May 2017 Leyte mayor in hot water for quarry mess
30 May 2017 Top Davao Oriental State College officials to be tried for bidding anomalies
29 May 2017 Ombudsman issues another dismissal order for Plaza PDAF scam
26 May 2017 Former Regional Director indicted for SALN misdeclaration
25 May 2017 Ombudsman orders dismissal of 5 Tarlac officials
23 May 2017 LRA employee convicted of direct bribery, graft
19 May 2017 Biliran officials, COA auditor sued for P8million medicine scam
19 May 2017 Former Iloilo mayor, 2 others convicted of falsification
17 May 2017 Ombudsman suspends Maguindanao Mayor for neglect of duty
16 May 2017 Barangay officials convicted for non-filing of SALN
09 May 2017 DBM Usec, 14 others face suspension pendente lite over PDAF scam
09 May 2017 Ombudsman dismisses anew PDAF scam perpetrators
05 May 2017 Southern Leyte governor charged with falsification
04 May 2017 SB orders suspension pendente lite of DENR execs for graft
04 May 2017 Ex-Dinagat Islands mayor faces trial for SALN violations
03 May 2017 Butuan ex-mayor to be tried for P15m CT scan donation
02 May 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Camarines Sur mayor over lease deal
27 Apr 2017 Ombudsman suspends Mindanao State U execs
27 Apr 2017 Ex-Tanjay city mayor Teves indicted for graft
27 Apr 2017 Ombudsman reminds all government officials and employees to file SALN
27 Apr 2017 Leyte mayor dismissed for favoring brother
27 Apr 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Samar accountant
24 Apr 2017 Manila Barangay execs convicted over gas reimbursements
21 Apr 2017 Albuera councilor dismissed for misconduct
20 Apr 2017 Ombudsman meets with the anti-corruption officials from China
20 Apr 2017 Local officials of Ronda, Cebu face trial for graft
18 Apr 2017 9 Iloilo officials ordered suspended
11 Apr 2017 East Avenue hospital officials axed for multi-million peso bid anomalies
10 Apr 2017 Ex-Guian mayor faces graft raps
07 Apr 2017 Bulacan envi execs axed for coddling illegal mining activities
06 Apr 2017 Ombudsman orders former President Aquino to comment on DAP case
05 Apr 2017 Former educ Usec, 3 others liable for anomalous P56M loans
05 Apr 2017 Ombudsman orders second set of charges vs. Cotabato lawmaker for PDAF scam
04 Apr 2017 Former Samar exec guilty of malversation
03 Apr 2017 Top Davao Oriental State U officials suspended for bid anomalies
03 Apr 2017 Ex-Calbiga councilor charged for fake documents
29 Mar 2017 Valladolid, Negros Occidental officials to be tried for graft
28 Mar 2017 Ombudsman suspends Western Samar officials for misconduct
27 Mar 2017 Former prexy of Abra Institute convicted of graft
27 Mar 2017 Aklan mayor suspended for immorality
24 Mar 2017 Former Daanbantayan officials charged with graft and misuse of funds
23 Mar 2017 PCSO officer convicted for pocketing lotto prizes
21 Mar 2017 Hospital official convicted of graft
20 Mar 2017 Ex-Batangas mayor convicted over P8.1M computerization project
20 Mar 2017 Ex-Cebu mayor to be tried for receiving honorarium
17 Mar 2017 OMB, COA ink MOA to bolster joint investigation of grand corruption cases
17 Mar 2017 Surigao officials found guilty of misconduct for bid anomaly
16 Mar 2017 Ombudsman perpetually bars ex-Meycauayan mayor Alarilla from govt service
15 Mar 2017 San Juan City official faces suspension pendente lite
15 Mar 2017 Ombudsman affirms dismissal of Surigao mayor
10 Mar 2017 Provincial administrator reprimanded for failing to reply to letters
10 Mar 2017 Ombudsman dismisses five executives for P3.8M PDAF scam
07 Mar 2017 Ombudsman charges former congressman Nograles for PDAF scam
07 Mar 2017 Ombudsman indicts ex-Budget Sec Abad for DAP
02 Mar 2017 Ombudsman perpetually bars Estrada staff, 13 others for PDAF scam involvement
27 Feb 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Enrile staff, 10 others for PDAF scam involvement
23 Feb 2017 Samar congresswoman Tan to face trial for P69M medicine scam
21 Feb 2017 Ombudsman orders DILG to implement orders vs. 3 mayors
17 Feb 2017 Ombudsman bars Revilla PDAF scam operators from govt. service
14 Feb 2017 Local officials, police, top list of agencies with most cases filed in the Ombudsman
13 Feb 2017 Local officials from Mindanao face charges
09 Feb 2017 Davao city agri execs to face trial for graft
09 Feb 2017 Local officials from Surigao face charges for unliquidated funds
09 Feb 2017 Surigao mayor faces dismissal from the service
06 Feb 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Tuguegarao city mayor Soriano
03 Feb 2017 Ombudsman charges ex-Cagayan vice-gov, bank exec with graft and estafa
02 Feb 2017 Ombudsman dismisses erring PAO lawyer
02 Feb 2017 Former Navy officials convicted over P1.8M medicine bid mess
01 Feb 2017 Biliran officials suspended for bid fraud
31 Jan 2017 Zambales official faces 90-day suspension pendente lite for graft
27 Jan 2017 Ombudsman dismisses Puerto Princesa city mayor over son’s appointment
26 Jan 2017 Ombudsman goes after illegal wealth of ex-Governor Ampatuan, Sr.
25 Jan 2017 Ombudsman suspends Davao del Sur vice-mayor for neglect of duty
24 Jan 2017 Ombudsman scores 2 convictions against erring gov’t employees
24 Jan 2017 DENR employee charged for illegal solicitation
23 Jan 2017 Ombudsman wins case vs. Negros Occidental mayor, 11 others over P60M loan deal
23 Jan 2017 Former Tawi-Tawi exec to pay fine for abuse of authority
19 Jan 2017 DARAB adjudicator in trouble for freebies
19 Jan 2017 Local officials from Mindanao face administrative sanctions
18 Jan 2017 Ombudsman charges mayor from Mindanao
17 Jan 2017 Capiz barangay officials suspended for Yolanda fund assistance mess
16 Jan 2017 Bacolod city mayor, 8 others dismissed for P50M office furniture bid mess
13 Jan 2017 Military officer tagged in unlawful sale of P1.2M generators convicted
12 Jan 2017 Ombudsman dismisses 9 PDAF and Malampaya scam cohorts
11 Jan 2017 7 DA-Davao City executives charged over P15M bidding scam
10 Jan 2017 Zamboanga del Norte ex-officials face trial for graft charges
10 Jan 2017 Ombudsman sues ex-Zamboanga del Sur mayor for malversation
09 Jan 2017 Ombudsman suspends 11 Cebu officials for illegal demolition
09 Jan 2017 Former Isabela mayor, accountant convicted of graft
06 Jan 2017 Negros Oriental gov faces new raps for P480M calamity fund mess
06 Jan 2017 Cotabato mayor faces trial for SALN misdeclaration
05 Jan 2017 Ombudsman orders dismissal of CHED official
04 Jan 2017 Ex-DSWD Secretary, Cotobato lawmaker charged for P9M PDAF scam
04 Jan 2017 Ombudsman affirms charges vs. Cotabato lawmaker over P10M PDAF scam
03 Jan 2017 Ombudsman wins 2 more cases vs. DPWH officials over P7.8M vehicle repair scam