Programme Archives: Integrity

Proposed Improvements in the Budget Execution Processes

Outlining improvements in the execution processes of the Philippine national budget. View Full document in PDF: Introduction Chapter 1: What is the Existing Budget

Government Watch: Citizen Monitor of Government Projects

Framework, guidelines and methods on implementing a G-Watch type of inittiative.

Moving Forward with Goverment-Wide Sectoral Performance Audit

Provides a documentation of the development and practical application of the GWWSPA methodology and training manuals. View Documents in PDF: PROGRAMME CONTENTS: GLOBALIZATION AND

Support To The National Anti-Corruption Program Of Action (NACPA)

BACKGROUND Outlining support provided to the NACPA, a program which oversaw the social marketing of anti-corruption efforts for greater public support and investor confidence

Working Module For The G-Watch Localization Project

·         Part 1 covers BOC’s functions and processes and identifies issues related to revenue losses, delays and lapses in procedures

Boosting BIR Tax Collection Through FOCIG Service Desk

This project addresses good governance through a joint undertaking of BIR..