Proposed Improvements in the Budget Execution Processes


Outlining improvements in the execution processes of the Philippine national budget.

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Chapter 1: What is the Existing Budget Execution Stage and How Does It Fit Into ‘Public Expenditure Management’ 
Chapter 2: Control Points in the Existing Budget Execution Stage and Issues that Have to be Addressed
Chapter 3: Proposed Improvements that Apply to Both Budget Preparation and Budget Execution StagesChapter 4: Proposed Changes in Budget Preparation/Legislation Stages with Implications on Improving Budget Execution
Chapter 5: Proposed Improvements in Budget Execution Processes for Implementation Starting 2002
Chapter 6: Proposed Improvements in Regular Accountability Reports Submitted by Line Entities and Certain Aspects of Management Information System In DBM and Government in General 


In preparing the first draft of this report, the author brainstormed with the following DBM officials/personnel: (a) Directors Virginia Garriel and Romeo Hordejan; (b) Assistant Directors Rebecca Olayon and Gisela Lopez; (b) Acting Assistant Director Myrna Chua; and, (c) Ms. Evelyn Managuelod and Ms. Mercy Navarro. In a meeting held last September 1, the first draft of this report was presented to Secretary Emilia Boncodin; Undersecretaries Cynthia Castel, Laura Pascua, and Mario Relampagos; Assistant Secretary Guerrero; and Directors Arturo Bumatay, Amelita Castillo, Carmencita Delantar, Romeo Hordejan, Milagros Lopez, Nora Oliveros, and Solita Recolizado.

This final report considered the aforesaid comments (particularly of Secretary Boncodin) during that meeting. It also considered the well-conceptualized comments of Undersecretary Pascua and Director Castillo provided to this author after September 7.

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