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SALN Certification Advisory

Declarants and their representatives, and persons and government agencies with notarized letter of authority from the declarants, are advised to initially secure the requested SALNs from the concerned office/agency/department where the declarant is required to file and submit SALNs pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 06-0231.

If the requested SALNs are not available from the office/agency/department where these were required to be filed and submitted, kindly secure a Certification from the concerned Head of Personnel/Administrative Division/Unit or Human Resources Management Officer or Barangay Chairperson, if the declarant is a barangay official, stating that the requested SALNs are no longer in their possession but copies have been transmitted to the Office of the Ombudsman and the reason as to why the SALNs are no longer available.  Please attach the Certification and the documents mentioned in OMB Memorandum Circular No. 01 Series of 2020 to the Request for Copy of SALN form.

SALNs requests without the Certification will no longer be evaluated by the Office and shall be considered as automatically denied.