Request for Complaint/ Case Information

Who May Avail of the Service?
1. Any party to the case or authorized representative
2. Counsel on record or authorized representative
3.  Any person other than those above enumerated, subject to the written approval of the Ombudsman
What are the Requirements?
1. Duly accomplished Request for Complaint/Case Information Form (OMB Form 4) – no. of copies: one (1) original copy
2. Presentation of valid ID of applicant (any of the following) [one (1) photocopy to be compared with the original ID]:
a. Government-issued ID with picture
b. Company-issued ID with picture
c. School ID for students
d. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
3. If application is filed by a representative:
a. One (1) original  copy of authorization letter, and
b. One (1) photocopy of valid ID of representative (any of the following) (photocopy to be compared with original ID):
•Government-issued ID with picture
•Company-issued ID with picture
•School ID for students
•Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
4. If not a party to the case,written request addressed to the Ombudsman indicating client contact details and the purpose of request – no. of copies: one (1) originally signed.
Twenty (20) minutes
Request for Complaint/ Case Information Form (OMB Form No. 4)
Feedback form (OMB Form No. 8)