Filing of Pleading and Submission of Other Documents Related to Existing Case


Who May Avail of the Service?
1. Any person
What are the Requirements?
1. Pleading and supporting documents for docketed cases – no. of copies: four (4) copies each [at least two (2) original copies of pleadings]
2. Pleading and supporting documents for complaints with reference number – no. of copies: one (1) original copy if applicable, as indicated in the Complaint Checklist Form (OMB Form 6)
3. When applicable, proof of service [e.g. registry receipt (RR), RR number, or affidavit of personal service] – no. copies:  one (1) copy
Ten (10) minutes
Submission of pleadings and documents deficiency form (OMB Form No. 7)
Feedback form (OMB Form No. 8)