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Hon. Paul Elmer M. Clemente Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas Deputy Ombudsman's Office Telefax: (032)255-0976
IP Phone Local: 6601
Atty. Carla Juris Narvios-Tanco Acting Assistant Ombudsman Public Assistance and Corruption Prevention Bureau Direct: (032)254-8207
Telefax: (032)416-6136
Atty. Euphemia B. Bacalso Acting Director Evaluation and Investigation Office Direct: (032)416-6131
Local No: 106
Atty. Jane Aguilar Officer-In-Charge Evaluation and Investigation Office - B Local No: 320
Atty. Gaudioso J. Melendez Acting Director Prosecution and Monitoring Office Local No: 207
Atty. Pio R. Dargantes Acting Director Regional Office VI (Iloilo) Direct: (033)509-2011; (033)508-9658
Telefax: (033)509-5644; (033)336-9489
Mobile: 0917-8898662
Atty. Eduardo B. Kangleon Acting Director Regional Office VIII (Tacloban) Telefax: (053)523-4010
Atty. Alfred Yann G. Oguis Officer-In-Charge Field Investigation Office Telefax: (032)253-0981
Local No: 101
Atty. Sarah Jo A. Vergara Officer-In-Charge Case Records Management Office Telefax: (032)412-5339
Local No: 105
IP Phone Local: 6603
Atty. Imelda Marie B. Beltran Officer-In-Charge Administrative Office Telefax: (032)520-9733
Local No: 103
IP Phone Local: 6602