Husay Balangay


by the Local Government Academy-DILG

Showcase of model barangay practices on barangay governance; environmental management; employment & livelihood; peace and order and public safety; and social services utilities and infrastructure

The eighty-two cases in this collection speaks best of how barangay governance can be approached and how effectively local development can be managed. The cases are divided into five themes: 1) barangray governance; 2) environmental management; 3) employment and livelihood; 4) peace and order and public safety; and social services, utilities and infrastructure. Each theme has an overview including highlighted case lessons. The format will help the reader to understand the described situation, process and lessons learned.

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1.Barangay Governance
2.Environmental Management
3.Employment and Livelihood
4.Peace and Order and Public Safety
5.Social Services, Utilities and Infrastructure

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