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File a Complaint

Who May Avail of the Service?
1. Any aggrieved party who wishes to file a complaint…

Application for Ombudsman Clearance

Who may avail of the service?
1. Any person may apply personally or through a duly authorized representative for…

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Review Report

“Criminalization and law enforcement” and articles 44 – 50 of Chapter IV. “International cooperation” of the United Nation…

Environmental Ombudsman

The Environmental Ombudsman Team may take cognizance of any act or omission committed by any public official, employee, office…


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The Office of the Ombudsman has a long history of protecting the interest of the Filipino people. It is, in fact, the core of its constitutional existence. In the same vein, its institutional memory is informed by how well it responds to change, copes with challenges, and runs along the course of reinvention. This year, we once again come across an exciting and opportune task – the revision of the Citizen’s Charter of the Office of the Ombudsman.

Instantiating the letter and spirit of Republic Act No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business Act of 2018, this revised Citizen’s Charter is a testament to our commitment in maintaining integrity in the public service and building a corrupt-free nation with a strong robust economy.

This Office is in deep gratitude to all stakeholders who respond to our call to recalibrate the standards of our services and the quality of our time-bound transactions into a more streamlined systematic and efficient set of systems and procedures. This Office could not have achieved a responsive Citizen’s Charter without the collective effort of the 287 men and women coming from 77 offices and agencies who shared their time and organizational wisdom in crafting our revised charter. While protecting the interests of the Filipino people is the life and soul of our institution, listening to our clients’ needs is the fire that sparks the glow and enthusiasm in the work culture of our institution. Truly, owing to our shared undertaking, the value of this whole document exceeds the sum of its constituent pages.

While we are bound only by the standards embodied in this revised Citizen’s Charter, we shall always seek to exceed your expectations because the Filipino people deserve no less.