A. Who May File?
  1. Any person may file an application for his or her own Ombudsman Clearance personally or through a duly authorized representative
  2. Heads of departments, offices, agencies, bureaus, or their duly authorized representatives, with respect to their own personnel or under the terms of existing memoranda of agreement
  3. Chairpersons or duly authorized representatives of the Judicial and Bar Council, Commission on Appointments and other search and selection committees or bodies, as to their respective applicants/nominees
B. What are the Requirements?
  1. Duly accomplished Application for Ombudsman Clearance
    (If filed by the applicant personally or through a duly authorized representative)
  2. Formal request addressed to the Ombudsman
    (If filed by those enumerated in A other than applicant or his duly authorized representative)
  3. Certified true copy of the Service Record reflecting the date of retirement/resignation, or, where, applicable, the personal data or information sheet
  4. Government-issued ID of the applicant/duly authorized representative
  5. Payment of the processing fee, as may be determined and authorized under pertinent issuances
C. When to File?
An application or request for issuance of Ombudsman Clearance may be filed at any time. However, for retirement purposes, the application shall be filed not earlier than six (6) months prior to the date of retirement of the applicant or at anytime after retirement.
Eighty (80) minutes
The total processing time is for one client being served at one-time, without any adverse finding. The time is extended when there are two or more clients during seasonal influx of requests such as national/local elections, rationalization, institutional bulk requests. Maximum of 150 applicants per day.
Step-by-Step Guide on How to Avail the Service [pdf 851Kb]
Guidelines on the Issuance of Clearance (MC No. 5 s.2012) [pdf 221Kb]
Application for Ombudsman Clearance [pdf 771b]
Online Filing of Clearance