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RTC employee admits guilt in failing to account for court money
07 November 2017

Amando Ringor, Jr., process server of Branch 119 of the Pasay City Regional Trial Court, was meted the penalty of one month to six months’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to Failure to Make Delivery of Public Funds under Article 221 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC).  He was also ordered to pay a fine of P1,300.00.

Ringor’s conviction came after he failed to account for P6,650.00 despite several demands.

Initially, Ringor was charged with Malversation of Public Funds under Article 217 of the RPC but during the 09 August 2017 hearing, Ringor informed the court that he intended to change his former plea of “not guilty” to “guilty” to the lower offense of Failure to Make Delivery of Public Funds.

Ringor was assisted by counsel during the re-arraignment and was informed of the nature of the cause and accusation against him with the Information read in a language/dialect he fully understood.

Article 221 (Failure to Make Delivery of Public Funds) states that any public officer under obligation to make payment from Government funds in his possession, who shall fail to make such payment, shall be punished by arresto mayor and a fine from 5 to 25 percent of the sum which he failed to pay.

The order was handed down by Judge Edwin Ramizo of Branch 114 of the Regional Trial Court of Pasay City.  ###