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Outlines the detailed procedures of the rules that empower the courts to issue environmental protection orders as an immediate action to protect the environment and the environmental rights of citizens. It also empowers the citizens to petition for the suspension or stoppage of destructive, environmental and development activities through the provisions for citizen’s suit and “Writ of Kalikasan”.

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Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases

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New Judicial Reforms in the Philippines Aim to Address Needs of the Poor http://localhost/UNDP4/new-judicial-reforms-in-the-philippines-aim-to-address-needs-of-the-poor/ http://localhost/UNDP4/new-judicial-reforms-in-the-philippines-aim-to-address-needs-of-the-poor/#comments Thu, 27 Dec 2012 13:57:06 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=794 by Red Batario

A UNDP choices magazine feature article (March 2004) on access to justice projects and initiatives of the Supreme Court of the Philippines and other concerned stakeholders.

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2003 Assessment of Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) http://localhost/UNDP4/2003-assessment-of-public-attorneys-office-pao/ http://localhost/UNDP4/2003-assessment-of-public-attorneys-office-pao/#comments Thu, 27 Dec 2012 12:27:41 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=773 by the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the La Salle Institute of Governance

Generates a thorough assessment of the institutional capacity of the PAO to provide legal assistance to the poor in the areas of human resource management, public-private partnership, empowerment of the poor and governance reform in PAO.

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2003 Assessment of PAO

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Action Plan: Final Report on Strengthening Criminal Justice and Social Defense Systems http://localhost/UNDP4/action-plan-final-report-on-strengthening-criminal-justice-and-social-defense-systems/ http://localhost/UNDP4/action-plan-final-report-on-strengthening-criminal-justice-and-social-defense-systems/#comments Thu, 27 Dec 2012 12:17:15 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=767 by the Supreme Court of the Philippines

Reviews the institutional framework and operating systems of the agencies in the DOJ responsible for criminal justice and social defense.

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Action Plan: Final Report on Strengthening Criminal Justice and Social Defense Systems

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Blueprint of Action for Judiciary http://localhost/UNDP4/blueprint-of-action-for-judiciary/ http://localhost/UNDP4/blueprint-of-action-for-judiciary/#comments Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:05:32 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=158 Outlines the strategic course of action of the Judiciary from 2001-2006.

Programme Contents:


Foreword – Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide

Message – Associate Justice Josue N. Bellosillo

Blueprint Genesis and Development

Strategic Directions

Vision, Mission, Goals and Principles

The Judiciary and Public Sector Reforms

The Davide Watch: Leading the Philippine Judiciary and the Legal Profession

Towards the Third Millennium

Challenges to the Judiciary: A Review of the Internal and External Environment

The Blueprint of Action: Its Parameters and Strategic Courses of Action

Implementing the Blueprint




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