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Terminal report of project between UN-HABITAT and UNDP, together with external support agencies, to strengthen the contribution that cities and towns in developing countries make towards economic growth, social development and the alleviation of poverty.

Urban Managers Development Program – Terminal Report and Executive Summary

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LCP Round Tables on Poverty Reduction through Improved Governance http://localhost/UNDP4/lcp-round-tables-on-poverty-reduction-through-improved-governance/ http://localhost/UNDP4/lcp-round-tables-on-poverty-reduction-through-improved-governance/#comments Wed, 26 Dec 2012 12:38:56 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=678 by the League of Cities of the Philippines and Philippine Urban Forum

Documentation of round table discussions of League of Cities to improve local governance for poverty alleviation.


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Final Report- April 2002

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