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Features the citizens role in elections and consists of 4 segments: (1) history of Philippine elections; (2) powers and functions of elected officials; (3) election process; (4) role of citizens to make their votes count

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CVE Basic Module

CVE Basic Module [Anti-Cover Layout II]

CVE Basic Module [Pro-Cover Layout I]


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The Role of Media in 2004 Elections: A Multi-Sectoral Conference http://localhost/UNDP4/the-role-of-media-in-2004-elections-a-multi-sectoral-conference/ http://localhost/UNDP4/the-role-of-media-in-2004-elections-a-multi-sectoral-conference/#comments Thu, 27 Dec 2012 12:01:39 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=753

This is a follow through of the Voter’s Education Summit in 2003 participated by media practitioners.  This is to build a constituency among the media by highlighting their role in the reform process.

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The Role of Media in 2004 Elections

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