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The study tackles the areas of concern in election, which are the attitudes of voters in choosing a candidate, the voter’s knowledge of election fraud / malpractices and voter’s views on the conduct of the electoral process and on the electoral system as a whole.


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Final Psychographics


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Legislative Agenda Planning Conference 2004 http://localhost/UNDP4/legislative-agenda-planning-conference-legislative-agenda-planning-conference-2004/ http://localhost/UNDP4/legislative-agenda-planning-conference-legislative-agenda-planning-conference-2004/#comments Fri, 14 Dec 2012 18:46:37 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=327

A report on the exchanges between House members and officials from the Executive Branch, the academe, business, and civil society organizations on critical policy issues facing the country. It also presents the consensus reached on the President’s 10-point Agenda and government’s international commitments, particularly the MDGs.

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 Legislative Agenda Planning Conference Report


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A Regional Conference on Urban Revitalization and Governance in Asia http://localhost/UNDP4/a-regional-conference-on-urban-revitalization-and-governance-in-asia/ http://localhost/UNDP4/a-regional-conference-on-urban-revitalization-and-governance-in-asia/#comments Tue, 11 Dec 2012 13:14:26 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=264 Provides highlights on the exchanges between international and local environmental planners, advocates and urban poor representatives about the pressures of urbanization and homelessness in Asia and the crucial elements—i.e. people, place, and partnerships–required to achieve successful urban revitalization.

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Urban Realization and Governance


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The Second International Conference on Decentralization http://localhost/UNDP4/the-second-international-conference-on-decentralization/ http://localhost/UNDP4/the-second-international-conference-on-decentralization/#comments Tue, 11 Dec 2012 12:57:08 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=260 Documentation of the discussions on the merits and demerits of Federalism as an appropriate structure that may hasten good governance.

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Second International Conference on Decentralization







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