Selected ICT Policy Instrument


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House Bill NO. 5769

Guidelines on the Administration of the .PH Domain Name

NTC Consultative Document on the Development of a Competition Policy Framework For the Information and Communications Technology Sector

Executive Orders:

Executive Order No. 269: Creating the Commission on Information and Communications Technology

Executive Order No. 454: Transferring Back The National Telecommunications Commission (Ntc) Under The Supervsion and Control of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC)

Executive Order No. 467: Providing for a National Policy on the Operation and Use of International Satellite Communications in the Country

Executive Order No. 109: Policy to Improve the Provision of Local Exchange Carrier Service

Executive Order No. 59: Prescribing the Policy Guidelines for Compulsory Interconnection of Authorized Public Telecommunications Carriers In Order to Create a Universally Accessible and Fully Integrated Nationwide Telecommunications Network and Thereby Encourage Greater Private Sector Investment in Telecommunications


Philippines “Asia’s Knowledge Center” I.T. Action Agenda for the 21st Century

The Philippine Information Infrastructure (PII) Policy Study Report Annex the PII Framework

Philippine ICT Roadmap 5 June 2006

Philippine ICT Roadmap 2006 – 2010


Republic Acts

Republic Act No. 8792: An Act Providing for the Recognition and Use ff Electronic Commercial and Non-Commercial Transactions and Documents, Penalties For Unlawful Use Thereof and for other Purposes.

Republic Act No. 3846: An Act Providing for the Regulation of Radio Stations and Radio Communications in the Philippine Islands, and for other Purposes

Republic Act No. 6849: An Act Providing For the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Public Telephones in Each And Every Municipality in the Philippines, Appropriating Funds Therefore and For Other Purposes

Republic Act No. 7925: An Act to Promote and Govern the Development of Philippine Telecommunications and the Delivery of Public Telecommunications Services



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