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The report provides an account of the external as well as internal advocacies made by the Philippine Commission on Human Rights. Its purpose is to mainstream human rights, gender and right to information by applying human rights standards and indicators in different governance processes. Localization of international standards on human rights is an important aspect to increase the awareness and participation of the community for the protection of human rights.

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Child Rights Center

Jail Visitation System

Legal Services System

Barangay Human Rights Center

Investigation System

Human Rights Education System


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CHR Capacity Building and Re-engineering Programme (Phase 1) http://localhost/UNDP4/chr-capacity-building-and-re-engineering-programme-phase-1/ http://localhost/UNDP4/chr-capacity-building-and-re-engineering-programme-phase-1/#comments Sat, 15 Dec 2012 06:53:45 +0000 admin8 http://localhost/UNDP4/?p=385 by the Center for Public Resource Management

This blueprint on institutional development and system development aims to re-focus CHR’s functions as an independent national human rights’ institution; enhance institutional capability and capacity to respond to its mandate; apply the rights-based approach in government agencies, such as processes that involves national budgeting, performance indicators-setting in public sector resource, national development and sectoral planning, agency planning, legislation, local government planning and resource allocation; and contribute in increasing government accountability and transparency, improved services delivery through the implementation of Human Rights Normative Content to be facilitated through the RBA.

Financial Accounting System

Budgeting and Cash Administration Systems

General Administrative Services

Human Resource Management

Physical Assets

Strategic Planning

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