Programme Archives: MDGs and Service Delivery

LGU Guide on Millennium Development Goal Localization

by DILG, BLGD See Full Document in PDF: LGU Guide on Millennium Development Goal Localization 2005

Siningbayan PalayBigasKanin 2010

This manual institutionalizes Siningbayan’s objective of capacity-building for participative governance, integrity, patriotism and prosperity for DepEd using the PalayBigasKaninCoreBookas resource material. View full Document

Doing More with Financial Partnership- 2008 by Peace and Equity Foundation

  2008 PEF Annual Report

Human Rights-Consistent Community Organizing Guidebook

This Human Rights-Consistent Community Organizing Guidebook serves as a guide for community organizers and development program

Water Resource Management and Water Supply for the Poor- National Executive-Legislative Documentation

Providing water for the poor remains a major challenge in the Philippines. Many local communities are still considered waterless

Strengthening Economic Regulation to Enhance Water Service Delivery Performance

ased on a comprehensive review of the country’s current regulatory framework and practices that have an impact on investment

MDGF 1919-Water is Life to Me Strategic Communications Plan

This document is the Strategic Communication Plan (CommPlan) for Output 2.4 of the Millennium Development Goal Achievement Fund (MDGF) 1919 Program. The foremost goal

Review of the National Government-Local Government Unit (NG-LGU) Cost-Sharing Policy for Water Supply and Sanitation

The enactment of the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991 has devolved the delivery of water and sanitation to local government units

Review of the Programming Policies of the Presidents Priority Program on Water (P3W)

Overall, the P3W was able to achieve 68.6 percent of its 449 waterless municipalities targeted by 2010

Report on Mainstreaming HRBA in Local Water Governance

This report is divided into two parts: the first part presents the activities undertaken by the HRBA Consultants