Programme Archives: Justice

2003 Assessment of Public Attorney’s Office (PAO)

by the Supreme Court of the Philippines and the La Salle Institute of Governance Generates a thorough assessment of the institutional capacity of the

Survey of Private Legal Practitioners to Monitor Access to Justice by the Disadvantaged

by the Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Network Dissects the structures and processes related to access to justice by the disadvantaged. It also determines the

Action Plan: Final Report on Strengthening Criminal Justice and Social Defense Systems

by the Supreme Court of the Philippines Reviews the institutional framework and operating systems of the agencies in the DOJ responsible for criminal justice

Action Program for Judicial Reform

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Judiciary has been constantly aware of the many challenges to its efficient performance, and efforts to address various concerns, though numerous,

The Other Pillars Of Justice Through Reforms In The Department Of Justice

Defines strategic reforms and the reform program management mechanism required for efficient and effective management of reform implementation.  It addresses particular reform challenges such

Blueprint of Action for Judiciary

Outlines the strategic course of action of the Judiciary from 2001-2006. Programme Contents: Vision Foreword – Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide Message – Associate