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Philippine Judiciary Workshop on Realizing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Contains workshop documents such as speaker’s profiles, presentations and recommendations on realizing economic, social and cultural rights in the judicial context. View Full Document

National Paralegal Conference

The document contains the documentation of the 3 day Paralegal Conference. It contains success stories and policy recommendations used by the ALG members as

National Survey on Users’ Experience and Perception on the Judiciary

Presents strategic policy reform recommendations to address issues based on the results of the survey. View Documents in PDF: Volume I: Final Report Volume

Justice Reforms: Sustained Pre-reintegration Referral Services

  View Documents in PDF: 2006 Project Completion Report BJMP Final Project Outputs IPRS Messages Unified BJMP IPRS Action Plan

Medium-Term Development Plan for the Criminal Justice System (2007-2010)

Outlines the strategic directions of Criminal Justice Sector reform in the Philippines. View Full Document in PDF: MEDIUM- TERM DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE CRIMINAL

New Judicial Reforms in the Philippines Aim to Address Needs of the Poor

by Red Batario A UNDP choices magazine feature article (March 2004) on access to justice projects and initiatives of the Supreme Court of the

Enhancing Access of the Basic Sectors to the Judiciary

by Dr. Emmanuel E. Buendia Provides analysis of access to justice issues of the basic sectors. View Document in PDF: Enhancing Access of the

Institutional Strengthening of Shari’a Justice System – Phase 1

by the Department of Justice and the Center for Public Resource Management Identifies the reforms and initiatives necessary to improve the delivery of justice

National Survey of Inmates and Institutional Assessment

by the Bureau of Jail Correctional and the Center for Public Resource Management  Generates baseline information on the access to justice of inmates prior

Freedom and Death inside the Jail: A Participatory Research among Members of Quezon City Jail Community

by Raymund Narag for the Supreme Court of the Philippines Brings recommendations related to the improvement of the conditions of inmates and the implementation