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National Conference: A Nation in Crisis Agenda for Survival

the gravity of the present national economic crisis and the threats of more conflict-laden divisions in Philippine society.

13th Diliman Governance Forum

13th Diliman Governance Forum / Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy Forum Political and Governance Options for the Bangsamoro: Autonomy, Federalism and Independence Forum-Design

Selected ICT Policy Instrument

View Documents in PDF: House Bill NO. 5769 Guidelines on the Administration of the .PH Domain Name NTC Consultative Document on the Development of

International Symposium on Capacity Development and Aid Effectiveness

Documentation of Symposium to facilitate the exchange of views among donors, recipient countries and other development practitioners on capacity development, as well as on

National Conference: A Nation in Crisis: Agenda for Survival

Captures the proceedings of the two-day conference about the crisis situation of the country that gathered various stakeholders who share a passion for reviving

Challenges to Development: Innovation and Change in Regulation and Competition

Highlights of the discussions on how regulation and competitive processes affect market performance, economic growth, and poverty reduction in developing countries. View Documents in

Philippine Civil Society and the Globalization Discourse

by the Third World Studies Center-University of the Philippines Study which documents views and responses of CSOs to help understand globalization, contributing to the

Global Compact Initiative: Reaching Out to Enhance Local Development

Global Compact Initiative: Reaching Out to Enhance Local Development by the Development Academy of the Philippines Report on initiative for businesses that are committed

A Guide to Strategic Corporate Giving in the Philippines

The Guidebook includes a brief explanation of the philosophy and benefits of corporate philanthropy including useful information on availing of tax benefits.

Five Pillars of Growth: An Economic and Social Development Framework

Presents the major results of a research project identifying the 5 major areas for reform necessary to sustained growth and poverty alleviation – macroeconomic