Programme Archives: Decentralization

Unpacking the Local Government Code of 1991-Case Studies

by the Local Government Academy – DILG Reviews the LGC to assess its significance given emerging trends in urban governance and the benchmarks presented

Good Practices in Local Governance Replication

  by the Local Government Academy – DILG Fund administration manual development for the local governance replication facility including brochures, concept papers, IEC materials

Terminal Report National Convention of Local Resources Institutions

by the Local Government Academy – DILG Includes 2 issues papers on the LGU Institutional Capacity Development Framework and the role of LRIs in

LGU Competency Framework for Effective and Sustained Capacity

by the Local Government Academy – DILG A common framework was established to determine and evaluate LGU’s organizational competencies to increase the quality of

Good Urban Governance in the Philippines: Status and Best Practices

Proceedings of a discussion on the status and model practices on good urban governance.

Husay Balangay

by the Local Government Academy-DILG Showcase of model barangay practices on barangay governance; environmental management; employment & livelihood;

Kaban Galing

by the Galing Pook Foundation, Local Government Academy-DILG and the Ford Foundation

todo-bigay barangay!

by the Liga ng mga Barangay sa Pilipinas, Barangay Officers Foundation ofthe Philippines and the Philippine Governance Forum

Case Studies on Cooperative – Local Government Unit (LGU) Partnerships

by the Cooperative Development Authority, Department of the Interior and Local Government, League of Provinces of the Philippines and the Philippine Cooperative Center Collection

Sustaining Local Initiatives For Ecological Governance (Eco-Governance)

Findings show general directions for future eco-governance initiatives and provides critical insights on the need to strengthen LGUs and local communities to sustainably manage