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Rapid Appraisal of the Capacity-Building Needs of the Office of the Ombudsman

The report reviews the organizational structure, systems and procedures, polic

Representation in Decentralized Governance

The case study provided an assessment of the present mechanisms and practices

Justice Reforms: Sustained Pre-reintegration Referral Services

  View Documents in PDF: 2006 Project Completion Report BJMP Final Project Outputs IPRS Messages Unified BJMP IPRS Action Plan

Philippine Civil Society and the Globalization Discourse

by the Third World Studies Center-University of the Philippines Study which documents views and responses of CSOs to help understand globalization, contributing to the

A Guide to Strategic Corporate Giving in the Philippines

The Guidebook includes a brief explanation of the philosophy and benefits of corporate philanthropy including useful information on availing of tax benefits.

Participation and Representation of Disadvantaged Groups in Parliamentary Processes in The Philippines

If democracy is indeed the government of, by and for the people, the voice of the majority who are poor, underserved and otherwise disadvantaged

Frequently Asked Questions: National Government Budget

The FAQs composed of seven (7) parts which aims to provide direct answers to questions that will assist and help budget advocates

Proposed Improvements in the Budget Execution Processes

Outlining improvements in the execution processes of the Philippine national budget. View Full document in PDF: Introduction Chapter 1: What is the Existing Budget

Government Watch: Citizen Monitor of Government Projects

Framework, guidelines and methods on implementing a G-Watch type of inittiative.

Working Module For The G-Watch Localization Project

·         Part 1 covers BOC’s functions and processes and identifies issues related to revenue losses, delays and lapses in procedures