Programme Archives: Civil Service

Association of Schools in Public Administration in the Philippines (ASPAP) Workshop

Documentation of the discussions on the need for collective action for reforms in view of the MDGs, and the role of public administration in

Reinventing, Reengineering & Reorganizing the Bureaucracy in the Philippines

Provides forum highlights on the efforts of successive government administrations, from the Pre-Martial Law era

Senate Secretariat Capacity Assessment and Planning Workshop for Legislative Reform

Diagnosis of the capacities of the Senate Staff to provide their legislators with policy adequate, relevant and analytical inputs.

Legislative Agenda Planning Conference 2004

A report on the exchanges between House members and officials from the Executive Branch, the academe, business, and civil society organizations on critical policy

Institutional Strengthening of the CDA

by the Department of Budget and Management and the Cooperative Development Authority Workshop report containing key reform areas to improve cooperative development in the

Capacity Building For Career Executive Officers (CEOS)

On 11 April 2005, the Government of the Philippines (GOP) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)